Half-Life: Further Data

CD scan
Half-Life: Further Data V.1 CD scan

cover scan
Half-Life: Further Data V.1 cover scan

back cover scan
Half-Life: Further Data V.1 back cover scan

installer screenshot
Half-Life: Further Data V.1 main installer menu

Half-Life: Further Data is a series of companion CDs, containing a collection of additional multiplayer models, maps and logos/sprays for Half-Life. They were released in 1999 for free through retail outlets, and were never officially released by Valve online. The two known CDs are currently Half-Life: Further Data V.1 and Half-Life: Further Data V.2

The V.1 CD contained the following:

The CD was a pressed CD, with a halftoned black on silver face printing. Overall, the CD was 59.87 MiB of data and 38 MiB of audio.


This is a Zip archive of the entire "FurtherData" directory on the V.1 CD. It does not contain Uplink or the updater, which were included in other directories on the CD. It contains an installer, but that installer expects the original Half-Life installation, and will not work with Half-Life for Steam. To use with Half-Life for Steam:

If you follow these instructions, it will work, but there will be some duplicate models and maps in the multiplayer UI, as there are some models and maps that are already currently included with base Half-Life. If you would like to weed these out before moving, see below.

Multiplayer Models

model previews
Models previews included with Further Data, not presently in Half-Life base.
From left to right: Cannibal, Ken, Skeleton, TMCM

The main install menu mentions "six new multiplayer models", though there are 10 in the Models directory. Presently, only four of them are not part of the base Half-Life install. Included models are:

Multiplayer Maps

The main install menu mentions "six new multiplayer maps", though there are 8 in the Maps directory. Presently, five of them are not part of the base Half-Life install. Included maps are:


Further Data includes 83 logo bitmaps. It's possible some of them currently overlap with the current base Half-Life install, though I haven't checked every one.

24 logos
First 24 logos included with Further Data

Half-Life: Further Data V.2

In May 2011, Brendan Fahey contacted me about a CD he bought off eBay: Half-Life: Further Data V.2. Up until this point, V.1 was the only known companion CD in the Further Data series. Brendan kindly provided me with a rip of the CD and scans of the media.

V.2 appears to have been mastered sometime after June 10, 1999, judging from the file timestamps on the CD. The CD contents are nearly identical to V.1, with the following differences:

The CD and covert art prominently feature Team Fortress Classic, but is not actually present on the CD. Instead, the CD merely acts as a means to update to a point where TFC could be installed, since it required Half-Life

CD scan cover scan back cover scan installer screenshot

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